Friday, October 29, 2010

Twilight Movie 1 part 1 update or something

Herp derp, hey guys.

(Wallpapers at the end of the post btw)
So I got around to watching the first movie. Luckily with the RiffTrax commentary. Check them out, they make any movie bearable.
So as most of you might know actually the movie is about a pale, awkward and mediocre looking girl named Isabella. She prefers to be called Bella, probably because Isabella makes her feel fat.

This is her typical face through out the movie

So she moves into this new town and is instantly popular because you know... people whose skin is so white you think they actually might be dead, with no personality and a car like this:

She got it as a homecoming gift and actually liked it.

are usually the popular kids. Finally she's introduced to the "vampires" and she instantly gets all hot for our sparkly friend Edward here:

His typical face through out the movie

So after some fucking around the girl finds out that the sparkly fairy is actually a vampire. They go run in a forest for a while, Edward is all serious about showing her how he looks in the sunlight. Bella's reaction is something in the lines of: "Oh wow, it's like diamonds". While Edward tries to act all bad-ass about his shiny skin.

Oh btw, at some point the werewolf boy:

mentions something about the past of the vampire vs werewolf war (meanwhile disguising it as a legend) and we get to see why our favorite sparkly vampire gives out such huge ammounts of homo:

You probably (or probably not actually) recognize Edward by his usual dull facial expression (the left one)

Or maybe they like to follow fashion. We all did something stupid when we were young (I'm watching the Twilight saga for example. It amazes me seeing that I'm not 16 nor a fat girl)

So after that Edward takes our quirky pale girl to meet his vampire family. He shows her the rooms and then takes her on top of a tree. Because they were dancing...

Well anyways, this is as far as I've managed to watch the movie for now, all thanks to RiffTrax commentary, check out their other movies. The Room is a good example of that. As well as 300.

Now to something that you guys actually might enjoy:
(I don't own any of these)





  1. Dont like the movie, but nice wallpepers!

  2. i feel like i just watched the movie all over again lol

  3. i like the movie but novel is better

  4. dude that truck is awesome! i dunno why you gotta be hatin on the truck

  5. Watched movie and totaly agree with you xD

  6. The movie is pretty funny, although the books aren't that bad.

  7. The only way I could watch this was with Rifftrax.

  8. LoL, I love you xD
    Great wallpapers, I've two of em in my wallpapers folder.

  9. Hahahaha..

    Keep the wallpapers coming, they are awesome!

  10. i liked the novel but the movie was better

  11. Twilight is on dat phaggy time bro

  12. Thats nice and all, but I'll just watch the wallpapers.

  13. Lol sweet wallpapers.
    I don't plan on ever watching that trilogy. :o

  14. Twilight movie summed up in about five minutes lol great review.

  15. i feel like i just watched the movie all over again lol
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