Monday, November 1, 2010

Twilight Movie 1 part 2

Hey guys.
I'll be resuming proper posting and using of the blogspot now..

(For those who don't remember, I got the idea to watch the Twilight series from a conflict with this fangirl, I don't really like it. Just so you know :D)
On to the review:

Well after Edward introduced Bella to his family, they almost got along quite well, except for this one girl who got mad because Bella had already had dinner before coming to visit.

Well after some time they go out to play Vampire Baseball. Which is basically the usual baseball combined with the vampire powers. They manage to play for like 5 minutes before 3 random vampires appear and get all hungry for the human.

After that some sort of a chase begins. The Cullens try to get Bella to safety and shit, while the bad vampire kidnaps Bellas mom and lures her into a trap. He busts out a video camera and starts recording her in hopes of hurting Edward (or possibly to masturbate to the tape later). So as usual, Edward suddenly appears, saves the day, almost kills Bella, trying to suck the other vampires blood out and then basically everything is fine.

They go to a ball, Edward refuses to turn Bella into a vampire and they dance until the credits roll.

In conclusion: it was a pretty boring movie. The characters were lame and awkward, the only good thing about it was the RiffTrax commentary.

Now on to the wallpapers:





  1. Twilight? really? :(
    But thankyou for the wallpapers, they are pretty sweet!

  2. Ahh after reading that I'm glad I never watched twilight and the wallpapers are imba. Thanks!

  3. Wallpapers are awesome! Thank you! ^^

  4. nice wallpapers, and yes. boring movie!

  5. zombie wallpaper ftw and kristen stewart is so fine..... but noooot a great actress i must admit

  6. Those last 2 wallpapers were awesome

  7. I agree boring movie however you have posted some cool wallpapers!

  8. Nice wallies!

    I will not refer to the movie xD

  9. Checking back to say that I'm Team Jacob too

  10. lol, Twilight is becoming old news though